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Functionality of an ATS

ATS means Automatic Transfer Switch


An automatic diverter switch, also known as an automatic emergency power switch, is a device that monitors the voltage of the public power grid. It is mainly used in emergency power supply systems to automatically switch the load circuit from one power supply to another (emergency power supply) and ensure the continuous and reliable operation of important loads. As soon as there is no voltage on the public power grid, the load circuit, e.g. the building power grid, is disconnected from the public power grid and a connected emergency generator is connected to the load circuit. In addition, the emergency power generator is started via a separate control line. As soon as voltage is available again on the public power grid, the emergency generator is switched off and the load circuit is connected to the public power grid.


The ATS box must be connected by an electrician. In addition, the local network operator usually also has to be informed about the network disconnector. Many manufacturers of emergency generators offer the ATS boxes that are tailored to them, such as the Warrior Diesel ATS for the Warrior devices from  Champion or the SDMO Verso ATS boxes. Some emergency generators also have built-in ATS functionality, such as the K&W diesel emergency generators with the DSE control.