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Power generators with inverters initially generate direct current, which is converted into 230 V alternating current by the inverter. This conversion creates a very constant frequency of 50 Hz and sine curve, as well as a voltage of 230V, regardless of the load.

The power generators are predominantly powered by smaller gasoline engines; some models are also equipped with a dual-fuel engine for operation with gasoline and gas (LPG). The engine runs at a variable speed and is therefore very economical and quiet. Models up to 5,000 watts are available.

If more power is required than a single device can generate, two devices can be connected with a parallel kit and thus provide twice the power.

Due to the design with a small gasoline engine and plastic housing, the devices are very light, such as the Champion 2200W Inverter Generator The Mighty Atom.

We offer inverter generators from the well-known manufacturers Endress, Pramac, Mosa, SDMO and Champion on.