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What is 230V single phase AC?

230V single phase alternating current is a type of electrical power supply used in many households and small commercial applications. It refers to an alternating voltage of 230 volts between an active line (phase) and a neutral line (zero line).

Alternating current (AC) is a form of electric current in which the direction and level of voltage and current vary periodically, in contrast to direct current (DC), in which the voltage and current remain constant. The frequency of alternating current varies depending on the country, in Europe it is usually 50 Hertz (Hz), i.e. the voltage changes polarity 50 times per second.

Single-phase alternating current is the most common form of electrical power for households and small commercial applications because it is easy and inexpensive to distribute and provide. It is often used for lighting, heating and small electrical devices. In larger applications, such as in industry, three-phase current is often used, which enables a more efficient and powerful energy supply for larger electrical loads.